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Attack of the 50 Foot Spatial Dudes (2003)

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cover Directed by
Russ Meyer

Writing credits
Dave Clarke
Tobias Wrigstad

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Genre: Sci-Fi, Logic

Tagline: They came in bunches. They defy logic. Prepare to separate.

Plot Summary: On the distant moon Algol 68, an alien race of 50 foot spatial "dudes" discover a logic for reasoning about space and travel through it. A troika of ironmen, all played by Charlton Heston, set out to conquer the galaxy. Meanwhile a distress call echos to Earth: Simula 67 has an endemic problem. Aliasing is afoot — a whole 50 of them.

User Comments: A logic so cool, I can get me teeth into it.

User Rating: ****______ 4.2/10 (354 votes) Vote Here

Complete credited cast:
Charlton Heston .... Peter O'Hearn
Gerard Depardieu .... Luca Cardelli
Roberto Benigni .... Cristiano Calcagno
Marcello Mastoianni .... Giorgio Ghelli
Charlton Heston .... David Pym
Jackie Chan .... Hongseok Yang
Ava Gardner .... Philippa Gardner
Vincent Price .... Richard Bornat
Matt Damon .... David Walker
Kevin Bacon .... Andy Gordon/Space Giant
Charlton Heston .... John C. Reynolds
Leonard Nimoy .... Spock
Salma Hayek .... Amal Ahmed
Lucy Liu .... Limin Jia
Daniel Auteuil .... Daniel Méry
William Shatner .... Magic Wand
Christopher Lee .... David A. Schmidt
James Earl Jones .... Uday Reddy
Clint Eastwood .... Samin Ishtiaq
Rowan Atkinson .... Jules Bean
Doug Lea .... himself
Pierce Brosnan .... Luís Caires
Bruce Willis .... 50 ft Man
Steve Buscemi .... Pablo Armelín
Kevin Spacey .... Lars Birkedal
Brad Pitt .... Noah Torp-Smith
John Belushi .... Didier Galmiche
Lorenzo Lamas .... Vladimiro Sassone
Uma Thurman .... 50 ft Woman #4
Michael J. Fox .... 5 ft Man
Virgil Frye .... Gas Station Attendant
The Jay Lowlifes .... The Band

Also Known As:
Dudes— gänget som visste för mycket (2003)
(Dudes— the gang that knew too much) (Swedish title)
Runtime: 66 min
Country: USA
Language: English
Color: Black and White
Sound Mix: Mono
Certification: USA:Approved (PCA #18976)

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User Comments:

William.Smith (
Boise, IH

Date: 20 November 2001
Summary: A logic so cool, I can get me teeth into it.

This is truly one of the worst logic/sci-fi flicks ever made. And this is what makes it so great. From the Magic Wand to cameo appearances from Doctor Spock and Doug Lea. Numerous outrageous logicians and programming language theorists, played magically by Charlton Heston, discover a UFO and tell their philandering wifes, only to be dismissed as complete nuts. Laughable dialogue - "Get your stinking hands off me you filthy logician." Horrendous special effects (again, the Magic Wand). My all-time favourite cult movie.

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